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DAAHL Site Record for H. Lehem [1] 18:70:

DAAHL SITE #: 343102225
SITE NAME: H. Lehem [1] 18:70
LATITUDE: 31.57183
LONGITUDE: 34.89600
PRIMARY REFERENCE: Israel Antiquities Authority
NOTES: Pottery: Hellenistic (scanty finds scattered over c. 5 dunams), Roman and Byzantine (numerous finds in the settlement remains), Early Islamic (scanty finds scattered over c. 10 dunams), Mamluk (scanty finds--a scatter); Temporary occupation: Ottoman (pens). Proposals put forth identifying the biblical city of Laham (Josh. 15) with this site are not corroborated by the finds.

Site Contributed by:
CONTRIBUTOR: Dr. Gideon Avni    
INSTITUTION: Excavations and Surveys Dept. Israel Antiquities Authority
ADDRESS: P.O. Box 586, Jerusalem 91004, Israel
LINKS: IAA Site Record
IAA Map Record
DATA DESCRIPTION: Early Brone IV site and survey data from Israel. These sites were delivered in Israel TM projection, and converted to WGS 84 with ReprojectME.

Alternate Site Names:
Kh. el Lahm (s) (M); Kh. al Lahm (M) – 1929)

Site Components:
Unspecified Village Site (No Fortifications) Remains of settlement
Unspecified Church / Chapel Church
Unspecified Mosque / Minaret Mosque
Unspecified Other Religious Structures/Site Mihrab
Unspecified Agricultural Terrace/Plot Agricultural terrace
Unspecified Wine Press Winepress
Unspecified Rock Cut Basin Basin
Unspecified Animal Pen Animal pen
Unspecified Storage Facility / Silo Storage cave
Unspecified Rock-Cut Shaft Tomb/Cave Kokhim burial cave (niches)
Unspecified Burial In Natural Cave Burial cave
Unspecified Colombarium Columbarium
Unspecified Industrial Installation / Site / Debris Crushing basin
Unspecified Structural Remains Structural remains
Unspecified Walls Stone wall
Unspecified Building Materials Dressed stone
Unspecified Beam Press or Weight Beam press
Hellenistic Other / Unspecified
Hellenistic Multi Period Site
Byzantine Other / Unspecified
Byzantine Multi Period Site
Early Islamic Other / Unspecified
Early Islamic Multi Period Site
Mamluk Other / Unspecified
Mamluk Multi Period Site
Ottoman Other / Unspecified
Ottoman Multi Period Site

Site Pictures:
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70. Plan of the mosque.