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The Digital Archaeological Atlas of the Holy Land


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DAAHL Site Record for Kh. Nimra:

DAAHL SITE #: 353106351
SITE NAME: Kh. Nimra
LATITUDE: 31.53502
LONGITUDE: 35.10203
PRIMARY REFERENCE: Hizmi and Shabtai 1994; Shamir 1997. IAWB Survey Site # 5263 See IAWB Survey record for detailed information.
NOTES: Massive structure was excavated. Elevation from Google Elevation Service.

Site Contributed by:
CONTRIBUTOR: Dr. Rafi Greenberg    
INSTITUTION: Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures, Tel Aviv University
ADDRESS: POB 39040, Tel Aviv 69978, Israel
CO-CONTRIB.: Adi Keinan

Publication Information:

Israeli Archaeological Activity in the West Bank 1967–2007: A Sourcebook (2009) by Raphael Greenberg and Adi Keinan

This publication provides the first unified source of information on surveys and excavations conducted under Israeli license in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, from 1967 to 2007. It encompasses nearly 6000 archaeological features, 1600 excavations, and 1000 referenced publications. Derived from published and unpublished sources, the database provides as full an account as possible, within the authors’ limitations, of the extent of archaeological knowledge accumulated by Israeli research since 1967 in the occupied territories. Prepared under the auspices of the Israeli-Palestinian Archaeology Working Group, it is an important source of information on the cultural inventory of the Central Highlands of ancient Israel/Palestine and a contribution to the ongoing project of recording and mapping the deep history of the Near East.

Available in print: 180 pp. (text and excavation gazetteer), 20 figs., database on CD, or as CD alone (with PDF text). The publication is distributed by Emek Shaveh (CPB)*. To obtain a copy, please apply to Contributions to help cover costs of production and distribution will be welcomed: suggested contribution for printed volume, $50; for CD, $10.

Database Considerations:

The West Bank and East Jerusalem Archaeological Site Database stores information about the entire range of Israeli archaeological activity in the occupied territories since 1967. It includes archaeological and administrative data regarding both surveyed and excavated sites. This database is a powerful and flexible research tool; however, it's important to highlight its limitations. First, it should be taken into account that the data derives from Israeli sources alone, which may lead to inherent biases. Second, the issue of different survey practices and skills needs to be emphasized: the database is a synthesis of many surveys, conducted by different surveyors with different interests and agendas, different qualifications, and at different times. An additional issue of methodology is reflected in the lack of prehistoric sites in the database. Some surveys included in the database are by definition partial surveys, and in addition, some surveys were never published, a fact that results in archaeological 'dead zones' on maps of the West Bank generated from the database. This is also the case with some excavations, especially in recent years. The quality of information is an issue not only in published surveys or excavations, but also in administrative lists provided by the Staff Officer, the IAA, and academic institutions. Inaccuracies, contradictory information, missing data and errors had to be dealt with during the database construction, but could be coped with only to a certain extent. Therefore, it should be emphasized that due to gaps in information and the above mentioned limitations, the database is not definitive.


Site Components:
Persian (Iron III) Sherd / Flint Scatter 0
Persian (Iron III) Multi-Period Stratified Site (Tell or Khirbet)
Roman Sherd / Flint Scatter 0
Roman Multi-Period Stratified Site (Tell or Khirbet)