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The Digital Archaeological Atlas of the Holy Land


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DAAHL Site Record for Ein Umm esh-Sharayit:

DAAHL SITE #: 353111772
SITE NAME: Ein Umm esh-Sharayit
LATITUDE: 31.88584
LONGITUDE: 35.20526
COORD. SOURCE: Calculated
PRIMARY REFERENCE: Dr. Jon Seligman, 'Copy of 24-Corpus of Sites.xls' Site # 419.
NOTES: AF 172.16-14/93/1. Feldstein 1993: 158-9, 31*; Sapin 1968, site 10.

Site Contributed by:
CONTRIBUTOR: Dr. Jon Seligman    
INSTITUTION: Excavations and Surveys Dept. Israel Antiquities Authority
ADDRESS: P.O. Box 586, Jerusalem 91004, Israel
DATA DESCRIPTION: Archaeological sites in the Old City of Jerusalem


Site Components:
Second Temple Period Agricultural Terrace/Plot
Second Temple Period Agricultural Features/Installation
Second Temple Period Ruin (Unspecified)
Early Roman Agricultural Terrace/Plot
Early Roman Agricultural Features/Installation
Early Roman Ruin (Unspecified)
Late Roman Agricultural Terrace/Plot
Late Roman Agricultural Features/Installation
Late Roman Ruin (Unspecified)
Byzantine Agricultural Terrace/Plot
Byzantine Agricultural Features/Installation
Byzantine Ruin (Unspecified)