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The Digital Archaeological Atlas of the Holy Land


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DAAHL Site Record for H. Buzin 26:23:

DAAHL SITE #: 353206413
FIELD / INSTITUTION #: 16-23/27/1
SITE NAME: H. Buzin 26:23
LATITUDE: 32.73479
LONGITUDE: 35.13435
PRIMARY REFERENCE: Israel Antiquities Authority
NOTES: ; Pottery: Iron II, Persian, Hellenistic, Roman I-Ill, Byzantine, Arab, and Crusader-Marneluke. The periods of greatest prosperity of the settlement seem to have been during the Hellenistic period and at the end of the Roman period. ;

Site Contributed by:
CONTRIBUTOR: Dr. Gideon Avni    
INSTITUTION: Excavations and Surveys Dept. Israel Antiquities Authority
ADDRESS: P.O. Box 586, Jerusalem 91004, Israel
LINKS: IAA Site Record
IAA Map Record
DATA DESCRIPTION: Early Brone IV site and survey data from Israel. These sites were delivered in Israel TM projection, and converted to WGS 84 with ReprojectME.

Alternate Site Names:
Kh; Buseima (M)

Site Components:
Unspecified Sherd / Flint Scatter sherds
Unspecified Multi-Period Stratified Site (Tell or Khirbet) Tel / Tell / Mound
Unspecified Cave / Rockshelter Rock-hewn cave
Unspecified Cistern Water cistern
Unspecified Birket / Water Reservoir / Vaulted Pool Reservoir
Unspecified Burial In Natural Cave Burial cave
Unspecified Rock Cutting Rock cutting
Unspecified Walls Wall
Unspecified Building Materials Building stone
Unspecified Unspecified Settlement Settlement
Iron II Other / Unspecified
Iron II Multi Period Site
Persian (Iron III) Other / Unspecified
Persian (Iron III) Multi Period Site
Hellenistic Other / Unspecified
Hellenistic Multi Period Site
Early Roman Other / Unspecified
Early Roman Multi Period Site
Late Roman Other / Unspecified
Late Roman Multi Period Site
Byzantine Other / Unspecified
Byzantine Multi Period Site
Islamic Other / Unspecified
Islamic Multi Period Site
Early Islamic Other / Unspecified
Early Islamic Multi Period Site
Crusader Other / Unspecified
Crusader Multi Period Site
Mamluk Other / Unspecified
Mamluk Multi Period Site

Site Pictures:
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a. Ceramic finds